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14 May 2015 right now is one of the most popular browser games. You start off as a small blob, eating pieces smaller than you to grow, allowing you to eat other players who have a smaller mass than you. My classmates and I have been playing this game from time to time, however it was pretty difficult to play on the same server. allows you to connect to a server in the same region, but you cannot specify which server and you’ll get thrown into a random room. This is incredibly frustrating when you’re trying to play with friends and you have to try over and over again to join the same room as your friends.

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Broadcasting with Faye

27 Apr 2015

My partner and I are working on an application that allows people to collaborate in real time on an online music playlist. To achieve this goal, we utilized WebSockets to broadcast our changes across multiple browsers. WebSockets makes communication possible between users’ browsers and a server. This allows us to make changes on a host playlist and update other clients with new changes. The Ruby gem Faye is a publish-subscribe messaging system that enables clients to send information in real time, such as chat messages. This is how we accomplished the chatbox and playlist updates using Faye.

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Writing a League API Wrapper

13 Apr 2015

League of Legends used to be one of my favorite games. One of my practice Rails sites is a LoL stats tracker that lets you look up play stats from RiotGame’s API. Rather than use a gem that does all the work for me, I wrote my own wrapper to practice making my own API calls.

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iTerm2 Keyboard Shortcuts

28 Mar 2015

I noticed people sluggishly using the arrow keys to fix a typo in a terminal command, wasting seconds that add up over time. Here are a couple of keyboard shortcuts I use that increased the quality of life when using the terminal, and allows for speedier in-line navigation.

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The Enigma Machine

26 Mar 2015

The Imitation Game The Imitation Game is an amazing movie. I urge anyone who is interested in computer science, cryptology, or good movies in general to watch this. Glowing reviews aside, the movie is about the Enigma machine, a German-made machine used in World War II to encrypt and decrypt messages sent between German military. It was thought to be uncrackable.

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