What is it?

Anterior pelvic tilt simply put is poor posture that makes your butt and stomach stick out. During my class’s routine exercise period, one of my classmates pointed out that my posture fits the description for anterior pelvic tilt. It is a posture problem typically stems from spending most of the day sitting down. If you are a developer, I assume you spend most of your day sitting down, and you may have poor posture without knowing it. Anterior pelvic tilt

When you are seated, your hips are flexed. The hip flexors (psoas) are shortened, pulling the pelvis down, and your adominals, glutes, and hamstrings are lenghtened. Extended periods of sitting cause the glutes to stop working as hard as it normally would, leading to the surrounding muscles doing extra work.

How to fix it?

There is a good amount of people much more qualified than me who have written up workout plans designed to help get rid of the anterior pelvic tilt. I became aware of this “condition” and started looking into it just a few days ago, Here’s a quick gist of my interpretation of what should be done followed by links for my own personal reference:

  • Get your lower back to relax
  • Get your glutes to start working normally again
  • Single leg work - starts making the glutes work again
  • Stretch hip flexors
  • Core stability training
  • Build your core