I originally started the bchoyflatiron.tumblr.com blog to just complete the school’s blogging requirements. After seeing one of my instructor’s messages on slack suggesting the use of middleman, I decided to check it out. Unfortunately, I don’t have the skills needed to build a site from scratch. I decided to use jeckyll instead. The GitHub Pages integration along with readily available themes won me over.

jekyll was extremely simple to get started with. I cloned the Shiori theme repo and easily customized the blog. I’ve worked with WordPress before, but it never really felt “right.” I had no sense of ownership. Right now with jekyll I feel in control of everything I want to do. It’s clean, simple, and straight to the point. The only hitch I had was getting used to markdown syntax. I was actually unaware that reddit used markdown syntax for posts. No wonder it looked so familiar. After spending 10 minutes and referring to this cheatsheet, I started editing my imported tumblr posts. I’m enjoying this platform so far.


I’m disappointed with myself because when I created bchoy.me 6+ months ago, I downloaded a bootstrap template and just left it there as a placeholder. I told myself I’ll learn enough web design to create a better website, and never did. Now I finally got around to doing something with my domain. Rather than complete mandatory blog posts on a separate tumblr blog, this subdomain will have updates on my personal and professional growth. Rants, frustration, accomplishments, information. This will be a personal blog residing on the blog.bchoy.me subdomain. In the future, the main bchoy.me page will be a full website built by me instead of relying on templates, and I’m actually going to do it this time.