Creating a Docker Workflow with Node.js

28 Feb 2016

Note: These are my findings after working with Docker, Jenkins, and AWS for only 2-3 months. This post details my thought process for the workflow I have set up with Docker and was written to document my progress. However, it might be useful for other beginners who are interested in setting up a better workflow for development with Node.js and Docker.

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Dockerizing a Node Application

28 Dec 2015

I’ve been hearing good things about Docker ever since I started working professionally as a web developer. However, a lot of the deployment process was abstracted from me. The projects I worked on were mature and had an established workflow. The code I pushed up to Github will end up magically working on the staging server and then to production. A few weeks ago I was given the opportunity see a new project grow through its infancy. I saw a lot of problems with getting a project working locally to work on production. Something would break every few pushes and time would be wasted getting the devleopers and system administrators together to figure out a solution. After hearing so many good things about Docker and how it aims to solve the problems we were having in production, I suggested that we use Docker to develop our application and ship it to production.

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Deploying to Elastic Beanstalk on git push with Jenkins

02 Nov 2015

Here are some notes I took on how I set up my Jenkins server and deployed my application to Elastic Beanstalk on every git push.

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Using Capistrano to Deploy Rails App

02 Oct 2015

After using Docker to deploy last month, I’ve decided to try deploying using Capistrano and nginx for my current project.

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Docker and Rails in Production

14 Sep 2015

Last week, I deployed a Rails app in a Docker container onto AWS Elastic Beanstalk. It was an unncessarily time consuming task due to small gaps in my knowledge and unfamiliarity with Docker and Elastic Beanstalk. This blog post is written during my first month working as a junior system administrator (“devops”) and this is a recap of my experience to the best of my memory.

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